• wood-plastic-pergola

    Wood plastic profiles are indispensable materials in our outdoor space, Wood plastic pergola are actually products made of wood chips and plastics. The advantages and quality of wood plastic materials cannot be compared with plastics and wood. Wood plastic materials are insect-proof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive, will not fade. Therefore, wood plastic materials are now more and more popular among people, and the field of use is constantly expanding.

    There are four main types of traditional pergola, first is wood, which is relatively cheap and low-cost, but the wooden product are not waterproof and moistureproof, but they are also eroded by insects and used for a short period of time. The other is made of iron. This kind of pergola is easy to rust, the use time is also very short. the third type is made of stainless steel,This type of pergola with good quality, is not easy to rust, it can use for a long time, but the price is quite expensive.

    Compared with the above three traditional pergola, the wood plastic pergola has an advantage, the wood plastic is actually a composite material, it overcome the wood, iron and stainless steel shortcoming, pergola extremely eco friendly and low maintenance. It has the characteristics of water and moisture resistance, the plasticity of the wood plastic material is very strong,It is also have different colors and size.

    The wood plastic pergola has many advantages, so the usage rate are increase every year. As a manufacturer of Shanghai Seven Trust Industry Co., Ltd. we can according to the requirements of customers customize various size, color and etc.

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