• Deep Embossed Decking

    Seven Trust Deep Embossed WPC decking is a kind of new technology outdoor decking product,The main technology is the deep embossed process during production.

    After the extruding process and before the cooling process, we add this deep embossed process with heat-pressing method, which makes the decking look like wood surface and strengthen the durability of the decking.

    Advantages Of The Deep Embossed WPC Decking:

    1.All the advantages of traditional WPC decking are still kept: waterproof, anti-UV, weather resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-termites, temperature resistant, longer life span, etc.
    2.More wooden-like surface
    3.More anti-slippery
    4.Scratch free
    5.Less fading
    6.More load-bearing
    7.Cheaper but stronger than co-extrusion decking
    8.No crackling
    9.Longer life span:life more than 25 years

    Related Product Model

    • deep embossed decking
      MODEL: STD-140H23
      SIZE: 140X23MM
    • deep embossed decking
      MODEL: STD-140H25
      SIZE: 140X25MM
    • deep embossed decking
      MODEL: STD-140S23
      SIZE: 140X23MM
    • deep embossed decking
      MODEL: STD-145H21
      SIZE: 145X21MM
    • deep embossed decking
      MODEL: STD-150H25
      SIZE: 150X25MM


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